Card Counting for More Wins in the Casino

Card counting in gambling is a special talent. Out of so many players in the casino, only a few practice this. Card counting takes a lot of intelligence. It is no small deal to remember the movements of cards. It is definitely not for people who crave action and are not inclined to prolonged inactivity due to deep concentration. It is only through the processing of odds and strategies in the gambler's mind that probabilities of success and failure are determined.

If there are fewer players in the table in a casino, card counting becomes easier. However, in an online casino, the number of players does not matter. The game is just between the player and the house. Whether the game is in a casino or in a computer, the odds of winning can be raised as long as one knows the strategies and techniques for winning.

Card counting is not as difficult as it may seem. As long as one knows the basics of mathematics, one can easily learn the techniques. Eventually, one can bet with more confidence. With confidence comes more enjoyment which may help in raising the odds of winning in gambling.

A deck of cards has 52 pieces. This will be the basis of all calculations to determine the chances of winning. The key is to determine the odds of picking a particular card. Then, after the first deal, determine what the odds are of picking a particular card after the first card has been removed. To put it simply, what we want to know is to calculate the odds of a card being picked based on the remaining cards.

To illustrate, the probability of picking the Ace of Spades during the first deal is 1/52 or .02%. The probability of picking an Ace, regardless of suit, is 4/52, since there are four Aces that can possibly come up. This is around .08% chance.

Let's say we're playing blackjack. The highest pay possible happens if one gets a "blackjack" or a hand with a sum of twenty-one. Now, let's say the first card turned out to be an Ace. We want to find out the odds of getting a second card with a value of ten. That means the second card can be a ten or any face card. In a deck of cards, there are 4 tens and 12 face cards. We want to find out the odds of picking up any of these 16 cards with a value of ten. Therefore, the probability of getting a second card with a value of ten is 16/51 or 0.31%. The denominator is 51 since we already have one card removed.

Now to complete the equation, one has to factor in the cards that are still in the deck and the cards that another player may already be holding. This is the case when playing in a real casino. However, as previously mentioned, when playing in an online casino, the other players do not matter. This significantly reduces the amount of mental processing needed to increase ones odds of winning.

As illustrated above, there are ways of increasing ones chances of winning in the casino by using mathematics. It's not easy but not impossible.