Are You Starting to Feel Guilty About Your Gambling?

Once upon a time you saw gambling as something you do for fun. It's a healthy activity that you, your family and friends love doing especially come vacation time.

Trips to casinos are usually the highlight of your summer or Christmas vacation; and you always look forward to playing your games hoping to beat a cousin at craps this time around.

When can gambling become an activity that gives anyone guilty feelings?

Say for example you are playing one of your regular games and you've lost more money now than you have ever lost in all the times you've been going back and forth to casinos. If this makes you feel uneasy and just a tad guilty, perhaps it's time to walk away from the table.

Guilty feelings over big losses in casinos do not get compensated when you keep playing in the hopes that one big jackpot will come around soon. The thought that maybe you can get some of your money back if you stick around a little longer is a clear indication that all the more should you walk away from your game.

Running after losses will only render you more broke than you could possibly imagine. Even if you do hit a small prize, this doesn't mean that it can happen again within the next three or four rounds, hence giving you back a portion of your lost money.

Common sense will tell us that when we start feeling guilty about something, it means that whatever it is we're doing is not in tune with who we really are - with our concept of right or wrong.

Having guilty feelings about gambling for instance could already be a warning sign that we might fall into the trap of developing a gambling problem; hence, we should walk away while we still can.

Instead of trying to cover up one's guilty feelings over gambling by keeping on playing, we should be grateful that we are getting these signals from inside of us. It means that there is hope for us yet and these feelings help us determine whether our playing has become more of a bad habit rather than something we do for recreational enjoyment.

The next time you or someone close to you start to feel guilty about their gambling habits; remember to walk away from your game whatever it is. It's better to lose some of your money now than to lose everything else in the future.